Feasibility Study

Renewable energy procurement for buyers in Germany

February 22, 2023

This study was developed by Think RE GmbH for investigating the structure of the renewable energy market in Germany and to investigate economically feasible solutions to decarbonize the corporate Scope 2 footprint. The study gives an overview overthe German electricity market with regards to generation mix, geographic distribution of RE assets and RE development scenarios and the major market players in the German PPA market (RE = Renewable Energy). Subsequently, important regulations of the German renewable energy market are addressed. Finally, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are introduced as an alternative contract type to the existing standard utility products. PPAs are medium- tolong-term contracts between a renewable energy (RE) asset owner and a corporate end-consumer which can be structured as a physical RE supply contract as wellas a financial hedge (so-called Virtual PPA). The last chapter focuses on the development of the levelized cost of electricity for different renewable energy technologies in Germany and analyses components of PPA prices.

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Language: English

Development period: Q3 2022 with updates from February 2023

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Dr. Steffen Hundt

Co-Founder and CEO at Think RE
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Johanna Jahnel

Senior Consultant Renewable Energy Markets at Think RE
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