Re Wave

We're relaunching our RE Wave software!

October 27, 2022

Renewable Energy as a Service, that's what we offer on RE Wave, a software created by our company Think RE. With a new design and logo, we were also working on making the software more user friendly.

On RE Wave we connect buyers and sellers of renewable energy, by offering support for preparing and executing renewable energy solutions.

With our relaunch we don't only have a new design, but we also offer more functionalities than before, from which all our users can benefit; buyers, sellers and utilities.


  • New benefits
  • Redesign

New benefits

An overview of all features on our software RE Wave.

Here are some benefits for buyers and electricity consumers:

  • Monitor and structure the electricity consumption.
  • Monitor PPA Prices, Futures and Day Ahead Markets for proper decision-making.
  • Make use of the PPA Impact Analysis, this analysis helps to analyze the potential of Power Purchase Agreements since this is one of the most popular products to minimize the company's carbon footprint.
  • Use more specific solutions for closing PPAs, such as a portfolio mechanism, risk mitigation and power matcher to source the standard utility contracts.

All RE Wave users can create a Request for Proposal for transparent matchmaking with counterparties, and can bid on open RfPs which are matching the company profile.

Our software relies on high quality in the process of products like Power Purchase Agreements. Therefore, every software user will be scored via our Green Energy Scoring (GES). For example, corporate buyers are scored for their capability and willingness to close PPA deals. 

With the GES Scoring, we can guarantee transparency and quality. Not only do all buyer profiles get a score, but so do the sellers, such as developers and IPPs, to ensure that the execution rate is as high as possible.


With our marketing and IT team we worked on redesigning our software. Our goal was to make RE Wave more user friendly, more tactile and give it a fresher look. We believe that this was accomplished and are excited to go live on November 1, 2022.

Our old logo

Our new logo