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Renewable energy projects are facing risks like volatile electricity prices or fluctuating energy yields. In a mature, less, or even un-subsidized market these risks are even more prominent.

The interests of the parties involved are often very different: leveraged banks demand long-term offtake solutions like PPAs, customers are seeking short- to medium-term solutions, while developers/IPPs look for high PPA prices with moderate mark-to-market risk.
Renewable Energy Seller


Think RE provides services for all parties involved. From power sales management over merger and acquisition and project finance to power market design. To make these processes manageable, sustainable and transparent for you and your organisation, we have divided our service portfolio into three parts: Education, Preparation and Implementation.

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Growing or adapting your renewable energy business to the maturing market requires a different set of tools compared to its former subsidized structure. Think RE can provide you with the necessary knowledge and information to find the path suitable for you and your partners on the financing
and the customer side.

Effect on PPA prcing

Understanding your corporate partners and determining their PPA Willingness

Impact on financing

Analyzing the impact of various risks on financing structures as well as the volume and pricing risk is an essential step.

Improve return on investment

Introducing advanced hedging strategies for renewable operators as well as corporate buyers in cooperation with Munich RE.

Restructure existing financing solutions

Think RE can introduce you to the financing solution that fits your needs, be it for a newly build and or an already operating project. We can show you, how additional risk mitigation solutions enable higher leverage, thus providing therefore larger project margins for your organization.


Think RE helps with the fundamental decision making. We are supporting developers/IPPs in the preparation phase for the realization of renewable energy projects. Our support includes market reports, identification of suitable target, and conducting in-depth market soundings.


Simulate the impact of
a Power Purchase Agreement with a corporate partner and how it will affect your cashflow assumptions.


Evaluate your renewable energy project regarding its readiness for a PPA and make it visible to potential offtakers in the planning.


Hedge solutions offered on our platform RE WAVE for baseload power purchase agreements, reduce the volume risk structure of your asset.


Think RE is helping you to find the most efficient route to the energy markets. With our innovative approach, even critical processes and projects can be completed successfully. We help you to identify suitable, reliable buyers and synchronize it in accordance with the project financing to achieve the best PPAs structure, suitable to your needs and goals.

Sourcing and Contracting

Long- and short-listing of potential corporate and utility buyers. Supporting negotiations and structuring contracts

Financial Engineering
with PPA 2.0

Advising and supporting you with the restructuring of existing credit contracts, e.g. raising debts

Integrating Advanced Hedges

Assessing additional risk management of existing and new supply contracts (e.g. energy yield) for existing and new wind farms

Post-Subsidy Power Plants

Help with structuring and negotiating short termPPA agreements, replacing the former subsidy-driven financing.

Expert offtake strategies
in a post-subsidy market

Think RE is your versatile partner for all aspects of corporate decarbonisation and the advanced risk management of PPAs. We also support you in the restructuring of existing financing by integrating new hedging solutions.