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The pressure on major energy consumers to reduce their carbon-footprint rises steadily.
Sustainability has been on the agenda for a while. Smaller, short-term initiatives were quickly implemented but lasting solutions have proven to be challenging.
Corporate Buyer


At Think RE, we assist your organization on its journey to a sustainable, long-term application of renewable energy. Our experts support you from the first steps to a solid, future-proof strategy. We offer consulting and education and help you prepare and execute your transition. We also facilitate the connection to your perfect partner through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and our renewable energy software RE Wave.

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Introducing green energy to your company can be a complex undertaking. Changing the mindset of all parties concerned, while addressing each of their concerns can be daunting. C-level, energy, sustainability, financial and legal departments all have different views on the task.
Our education at Think RE can help to smooth the transition.

+ Life Cycle Assessment

How do the different emissions and accepted accounting calculations of countries affect your (local) carbon footprint?


What renewable energy solutions are available and how do they work? What about risk mitigation potential and impact on decarbonization?

Next Level PPA 2.0

How to integrate additional hedges and contract solutions? Understand and evaluate the risks of power purchasing.


Measure and monitor the CO2 footprint and calculate the impact of your electricity consumption on your overall sustainability strategy. Book a free demo with us about our renewable energy software RE Wave and we will guide you through the features you need.


At Think RE we also support you as commercial and industrial (C&I) stakeholders in the preparation phase. We will help you to achieve the reduction of your carbon emissions according to your sustainability targets. Our support includes market reports, the identification of suitable offset solutions by country and conducting in-depth market research. We invite you to take a first look at our Feasibility Studies and Whitepaper.


Our innovative approach at Think RE allows offset solutions to be integrated into foreign markets. Doing so, the sustainability strategy can be synchronized with existing supply contracts. We also help you to identify suitable and bankable, clean energy suppliers and structure your Power Purchase Agreement.

Sustainability strategy

Analyzing your initial situation and creating a feasibility study to develop your sustainability strategy.

Strategy Development

Defining the energy procurement mix and supporting the setup of a task force in your organization.

& Contracting

Long- and short-listing power suppliers. Negotiating and structuring your supply contract.

Integrating Advanced Hedges

Assessing additional risk management of existing and new supply contracts (e.g. volume firming agreement).
Identify the best solution for your business
At Think RE, we support your next-level procurement of renewable energy. Our renewable energy software RE Wave helps you to identify the optimal electricity supply. You will be able to find the supply portfolio that aligns with your sustainability strategy while offering advanced risk management.