Think RE looks back on their 2022 accomplishments

December 15, 2022

At the beginning of 2022 the prices were already relatively high. This price increase was mainly driven by higher prices of emission allowance certificates which was accelerated by the war in Ukraine and the distortion in the merit order. Not only the high levels of electricity prices but also the price volatility was reaching new records several times throughout the year. However, the year 2022 was also a milestone year for Think RE’s young company history.  


The year 2022 started like it ended in 2021. Think RE continued their activities in various markets like Sweden, one of the most liberalized markets for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in continental Europe.


The company also extended their activities in Eastern Europe, especially in Romania where they support buyers and sellers in negotiating PPAs.


Throughout the year 2022 the company could extend their network of cooperation partners while they also extended the collaboration with existing partners. One of them is Munich RE which supports them to integrate risk transfer models like energy yield insurances.


The growing startup also entered new business models for us like onsite PPAs for rooftop solar in Czech Republic.

Dr Steffen Hundt, co-founder and CEO at Think RE: “For me, the highlight was to see the PPA market developing at a speed never seen before, while in the same year we have seen deep regulatory impacts from several countries inside and outside the European Union.”


Think RE started with the structuring of virtual PPAs in Germany where they connected institutional end-consumers to owners of existing renewable energy assets.


A true milestone for their RE Wave software was the upload of a 1.5 TWh portfolio of one single renewable energy producer. This was a good indicator for the company that this institution as well as all the other software users trust the RE Wave software solution.


In July 2022 the company started with one of their first Hydrogen projects and entered simultaneously the hospital sector as an additional buyside category.


With a small time gap to June 2022, the company exceeded their buyside potential on their software by aggregating more than 1 TWh demand of institutional buyers. In this same month the electricity prices peaked intraday in Germany at 1011,85 EUR/MWh.


Beside the transactions the company also had a great team event together with their investor TGFS. The Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) invests in Think RE since March 2021.


At the RE-Source 2022 event in Amsterdam, Think RE organized a joint workshop format with SolarEdge in a way to combine onsite solar with offsite PPAs.


Throughout the year Think RE received various feedback concerning the user friendliness of their software for renewable energy management. In November they relaunched a new and adjusted version with a new design and more features. 

“In the wake of this market environment, for me the relaunch of our software for renewable energy management was the absolute highlight. Our RE Wave software turned out to give market participants the chance to quickly enter PPA markets during a time when transparency is needed more than ever,” Stephan Dinse, co-founder and CTO at Think RE.

Mataza Golzari, COO and co-founder at Think RE: “My highlight for this year is the expansion of our transaction management business in the Nordics. The Nordics is a really promising area which will play a major role for the energy security of Europe. Our clients have a huge pipeline of renewable power projects. We look forward to further expanding our engagement in the Nordics and also to facilitate the connection of renewable buyers and sellers in the future.”

Watch the full video about the 2022 accomplishments here.