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Guarantees of Origin in Europe - Sales Strategy

February 15, 2023

This study was developed by Think RE GmbH for investigating the Guarantees of Origin (GoO) market in the following European countries: Sweden, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Poland. Therefore, the document is divided into four chapters without registers and appendix. In Chapter 1, the results of the study in terms of the main price drivers are summarized and strategic implications for the sale of Guarantees of Origin are given. Chapter 2 discusses regulatory trends in the market for Guarantees of Origin. This chapter provides an overview of the most important regulatory market developments and briefly discusses future development opportunities. Chap. 3 analyzes the general price drivers for Guarantees of Origin. In particular, environmental influences, RE technology and regulatory conditions in a market are identified as the main price drivers. Chap. 4 covers the market for Guarantees of Origin in Sweden, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Poland in detail. The process of issuance, transfer and cancellation of GoOs is covered. Where the information is available, an overview of transaction volumes and prices is provided. Possible sales channels are identified.

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Language: English

Development period: Q3 2022

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Dr. Steffen Hundt

Co-Founder and CEO at Think RE
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Johanna Jahnel

Senior Consultant Renewable Energy Markets at Think RE
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