We're in the semifinals of the Energy Tech Challengers

May 12, 2021

As one of 10 finalists in the Digitalization track, Think RE qualified to pitch in the 4th session of Energy Tech Challengers on April 27. This pitch competition gathers energy, transport and sustainability startups to compete for equity free money prize, the attention of global media and more than 100 venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists. The companies were selected by experts from leading corporations, venture capital, ecosystem builders and green media partners.

The format of the semifinals followed the same structure as the sections before: Each startup had five minutes to present its company and ideas in front a jury of 12 judges. Afterwards the jury had five minutes to ask questions.

The Top5 Companies of each track will be invited to the Energy Tech Challengers closing event, due in September 2021.

Source: ETC 2021 Semifinals: Digitalization on Vimeo

Think RE presents its new platform RE Wave

Think RE was happy to be presented once again by Co-founder and CEO Dr. Steffen Hundt. During his five-minute-pitch Steffen had the opportunity to introduce our new PPA Platform (Power Purchase Agreement Platform) RE Wave. This platform Think RE is developing is meant to be a digital sustainability marketplace connecting energy buyers and energy sellers who trade with carbon-free products. Steffen in his speech addressed the problems both corporates and energy asset owners face and pointed out in which ways the RE Wave platform will help to solve these issues.

You can watch Steffen’s exciting pitch followed by the Q&A section in the video below, which is an extract from the Energy Tech Challengers semifinals’ Digitalization track, provided by the Energy Tech Network.

About Energy Tech Challengers

Energy Tech Challengers is part of the annual Energy Tech Summit, which is hosting top global energy and mobility investors, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. This event presents the latest developments in energy and mobility convergence, debated by global industry leaders and focusing on quality content and in-depth discussions with good opportunities to network.