We are members of Greentech Alliance now

October 25, 2021

At Think RE, we are proud and happy to announce that we are a member of Greentech Alliance now. Greentech Alliance is a community connecting stakeholders who fight for a sustainable future. Within the Alliance with more than 1000 members and 500 advisors, we share the same purpose: to improve the health of the planet by reducing environmental impacts of activities and processes and finding innovate ideas. Bringing together these businesses, the Alliance intends to:

  • facilitate networking between members and their external stakeholders;
  • create new business opportunities for members;
  • share awareness of, and access to, sources of funding;
  • create new visibility opportunities for members, locally and internationally.

As an active member we are commited to contribute to discussion, to share knowledge and to extend networking in order to build a sustainable future and to be a supporter to reach the change our planet needs.

Click here for more information about Green Tech Alliance.