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We welcome you at RE News, our virtual studio where we bring you Renewable Energy News on a weekly basis. This news channel is provided by Think RE for sharing important updates in the global renewable energy sector. The main speakers are Steffen Hundt, CEO and co-founder of Think RE, and Clara Francken, online marketing manager at Think RE.
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September 2021

China is one of the biggest power markets worldwide and is currently experiencing a fundamental change in liberalization of renewable energies. Corporates can purchase green power directly from the producer, but must be aware that they become RPS Obligated Party which means that they need to apply the provincial target quota on its individual load.

August 2021

Stakeholder News

The biggest European corporate PPA deal of July took place between developer Enel Green Power España and offtaker Johnson & Johnson. And the leading type of transactions within the year 2021, up to date, is still the corporate power purchase agreement

Stakeholder News

The crypto mining has a big carbon footprint due to a high electricity consumption. Meanwhile the market value of bitcoins decreased over the last months, due to regulatory hurdles in China and, among other business professionals Elon Musk expressed concerns about the environmental cost of Bitcoin.

JUly 2021

Policy & Sustainability

How should corporates act to be taxonomy-compliant? The EU Taxonomy's April Package and Fit for 55 are two recent European Climate Regulation packages. From a legal perspective these can aspecially be challenging for corporates. We invited two experts from Dentons in our studio for discussing this aspect: Dr. Gabrielle Haas and Dr. Clemens Maschke.

PPA Market News

The leading type of transactions within the year 2021, up to date, is still the corporate power purchase agreement. And the biggest European PPA deal of June took place between developer Taaleri Energia and utility Suomen Voima.

Stakeholder News

More and more oil and gas companies invest in clean energy. We show you the upward trend of clean energy investments and discuss the case of Royal Dutch Shell and Total Energies. The Dutch court in Den Haag has ordered oil giant Shell to cut its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030. Total becomes TotalEnergies by reinventing itself to face the climate challenges.

Country Bullet-In

The German Climate Protection Act (Klimaschutzgesetz) as of 2020 was updated in July 2021. German government has adopted vital regulations and measures for climate change mitigation.  Now the German greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 65% until 2030 instead of the originally planned 55%. Also, the federal government is planning to increasing the number of installed renewable energy assets and want to reach zero carbon emissions in 2045.

Intro zu SustaiNews:

  • News Sections:
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Together we bring information about four news sections: Renewable Energy Policy & Sustainability, PPA Markets, Stakeholder News & Country Bullet-In. Every news section will be brought to you once a month on a weekly basis. At the end of each month there is a monthly overview where all the discussed topics are gathered.

Our 4 RE News Sections:

Renewable Energy Policy & Sustainability

In the RE Policy and Sustainability section we focus on corporate Sustainability and the Taxonomy of sustainable activities. We also report on current developments regarding Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance of corporates and the increasing link to capital markets.

PPA Markets

In the PPA Market section, we focus on PPAs as an instrument for Scope 2 reduction and the global development of PPA transaction activities. PPAs, or power purchase agreements, are direct contracts between the buyer and developer of renewable energy. We further present the perspectives of market participants and discuss potential electricity price developments.

Stakeholder News

In the Stakeholder News section, we present case studies and recent news of our stakeholders, the buy-side and the sell-side of renewable energy. This news can help to draw conclusions regarding best practices and commercial effects on different instruments of sourcing renewable energy (e.g. power purchase agreements and direct investments).

Country Bullet-In

In the Country Bullet-in a specific country is presented with regards to climate goals and the existing regulations related to the expansion of renewable energies.

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