Energy Yield Insurance and PPA 2.0

April 19, 2022

In this paper we discuss the following topics:

  • PPA 1.0 vs PPA 2.0
  • Risk categories of a Renewable Energy Asset
  • What is insured?
  • Insurance Structure
  • overview of instruments

“Energy Yield Insurances are very often necessary instruments which can be integrated in renewable energy assets under operation as well as assets under development. Since these agreements can significantly reduce the shape risk for sellers, they are fostering the availability of Baseload PPAs in future PPA markets. We call them PPAs 2.0 which have a strong potential to accelerate the energy transition, even during volatile market situations. This paper shall support you to generate the necessary knowledge about this instrument to consider it in future renewable energy projects.”

Dr. Steffen Hundt, CEO & Co-Founder Think RE

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Dr. Steffen Hundt

CEO & Co-Founder at Think RE
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Ronny Bendlin Spür

Senior Originator at Munich RE
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Stephan Dinse

CSO & Co-Founder Think RE
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Johanna Jahnel

Senior Consultant Renewable Energy
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Minh Ly Nguyen Tran

Consultant Renewable Energy