May 09, 2021
Author: Sandy Paasch
About Think RE:
Think RE provides outstanding workshop formats to transfers tailor-made knowledge for all aspects, around sustainable renewable energy knowledge and successful PPA transactions. The services include commercial key elements like financial modeling and power price forecasting, sourcing right contractual counterparts as well as fostering transparency for subsidy-free renewable projects.

Dr. Steffen Hundt to speak about bankability of German PPA markets at Montel’s German Energy Day

Think RE Co-founder and CEO Dr. Steffen Hundt will be speaker at Montel’s German Energy Day on May 20, 2021. This year’s key topic of the event will focus on the German energy sector and its neighboring regions as well as its developments towards a low carbon economy. Along with other experts from the energy industry, Dr. Hundt will outline ways on how to further decarbonize the German economy. In his presentation the audience will gain comprehensive insights into the bankability of German PPA markets.
It is only a matter of time before power plants are no longer eligible for government subsidies. For further information on what happens to power plants losing their state subsidies, please see our blogpost about post-EEG-Plants. New solar plants with a capacity of more than 20 MW must sell their electricity on the market. To hedge price risks, power producers enter into so-called power purchase agreements (PPAs) with energy buyers. The financing of renewable energy projects is largely based on the creditworthiness of the power purchaser (Corporates & Industrials). However, because of the ongoing pandemic, the credit rating of most companies has deteriorated.
Market Follwing PPA
In Dr. Hundt’s speech the audience will have the opportunity to obtain valuable insights into how the pandemic effects the creditworthiness of companies. Attendees will learn which factors are decisive and to what extent they are crucial for banks when granting loans.
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Background: Montel News and Think RE’s participation at the 2020 Montel Green Week

Montel News is an information provider for the European energy market, specialising in independent market-moving news, data and analysis. Based on our comprehensive experience from more than than 900 MW PPA-transactions in Europe, Montel invited Thing RE to present the topic of bankability at the German Energy Day. We already participated last year in Montel News’ PPA panel of the Green Week, which covered topics related to renewable technologies. There we introduced a specific floor price mechanism for advanced PPA markets.