April 15, 2021
Author: Dr. Steffen Hundt
About Think RE:
Think RE provides outstanding workshop formats to transfers tailor-made knowledge for all aspects, around sustainable renewable energy knowledge and successful PPA transactions. The services include commercial key elements like financial modeling and power price forecasting, sourcing right contractual counterparts as well as fostering transparency for subsidy-free renewable projects.

Think RE selected for SET Mentoring Initiative

DENA assistance will culminate in exciting opportunities for RE Wave platform

Good news during these challenging times reached Think RE by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (DENA) this week. As one of 12 attendees we will benefit from the worldwide Start-up Energy Transition (SET) Mentoring program initiated by the German Energy Agency in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Participating in this initiative offers the opportunity to get our business model scrutinized by a prestigious jury of international experts from the areas of innovation, energy and politics and furthermore to optimize it with regard to the energy market.

Great Boost for Green Commodity Platform RE Wave

During a three months period the focus of the upcoming intensive and personal coachings is developing RE Wave platform by considering economic and transactional aspects as well as regulatory and energy-related challenges of green commodity contracts. We are pleased that we may benefit of DENA’s renewable energies market offensive to increase an implementation of direct electricity supply contracts, the so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

In order to develop a digital deal-platform to close PPAs efficiently it is very important to get familiar with all the regulatory challenges at a very early stage. Getting professional support during DENA Mentoring program will certainly have a significant impact on our way to establish RE Wave as a Green Commodity Platform in a final stage to boost the energy transition.

In addition, Think RE will benefit from a broad innovation network offering plenty of opportunities for fruitful discussions with experts, entrepreneurs, other start-ups and accelerators in the energy industry in order to fulfill the ambitious targets of Sustainability.