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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Workshops

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Workshops

Overview Power Purchase Agreements
As a major part of corporate sustainability strategies, procuring renewable energies requires in-depth knowledge in evaluating and contracting Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The Green Brain Academy transfers tailor-made knowledge for all aspects around a successful PPA transaction. In our workshops you will learn the use of sensitivities and simulations to handle complex PPA structures beyond subsidies in our workshops.

Selected contents of our workshop formats:

  • PPA fundamentals (defining & systemizing the term PPA)
  • Commercial assessment of PPAs (e.g. PPA accounting)
  • Risk management (e.g. shape risk, volume risk)
  • PPA contracting (e.g. termination clauses, PPA templates)

Overview of Workshop courses:

Module Basic Express
For BasiX Express workshops no previous PPA knowledge is necessary.

Participants get a profound understanding of electricity market fundamentals and become familiar with different types of PPA.
Course All in
For BasiX All-In workshops no previous PPA knowledge is necessary.

We provide a 360° overview on energy markets and PPA types. Besides you will learn the essential risks of PPAs and how to mitigate them.
Module Advanced
Advanced workshops are based on knowledge about PPAs and energy market fundamentals.

You will expand your commercial know-how about PPA accounting, energy and emission certificates, energy storage and much more.
Module Modular
Modular workshops depend on your selected modules.

Select your modules according to your individual needs. The learned knowledge will be applied to a business simulation to provide you with a practical summary.

Overview of Workshop modules:

Book your individual workshop:

We are looking forward to preparing the workshop that best fits your needs. With our international market experiences, we feel confident to provide a full-stack overview of your specified country's sustainability instruments.