Green Brain Academy

PPA & Sustainability Workshops

Workshops for Wind and Solar Producers:

What are Power Purchase Agreements?

We provide an in-depth view on PPAs coming from a 360° commercial and technical perspective. The level of detail is set based on your pre-existing knowledge of the PPA-universe.Your individuality makes us believing in customized workshop solutions instead of standardized formats for everybody.

How do Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy Projects work?

The financial model is the back-bone of every Renewable Energy project and its purpose differs across stakeholders such as Offtaker (fair PPA price) and Supplier (IRR-optimal PPA price). Coming from both perspectives, you will receive a profound understanding of its structure and function. You will learn the use of sensitivties and simulations to handle complex PPA structures beyond subsidies.

How do Power Markets influence Offtake strategies?

In liberalized electricity markets every RE project is build upon price forecasts. In order to negotiate fair PPA prices we provide you an educated unterstanding of structural and functional aspects of forecasting models. In this context, we will prepare you in both ways: Building up your own basic model or being able to evaluate third party models.