Green Brain Academy

PPA & Sustainability Workshops

Workshops for Wind and Solar Producers:

These workshops are individual workshops that institutions can book. Besides that, we offer public workshops about current topics, like the EU Taxonomy or the Bankability of PPAs. Find here the upcoming public workshops:

What are Power Purchase Agreements?

We offer you a detailed commercial and technical insight into Corporate and Utility PPAs from a 360° perspective. The scope is based on your prior individual knowledge of the PPA universe - we believe in customized workshop solutions rather than standardized formats for everyone.

How do Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy Projects work?

Financial models are essential to any renewable energy project, and their use differs by stakeholders, such as offtake company (fair PPA price) and supplier (IRR-optimal PPA price).From both perspectives, you will gain a deep understanding of its structure and function. You will learn the use of sensitivities and simulations to deal with complex PPA structures without subsidies.

How do Power Markets influence Offtake strategies?

In liberalized electricity markets, every RE project is built on price forecasts. To negotiate fair PPA prices, we provide you with a understanding of the structural and functional aspects of forecasting models.We prepare you for both types: Building your base model and the ability to evaluate third-party models.