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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Workshops

Green Brain Academy® Workshop - Module "Power Market Fundamentals"

Do you want to explore the wide range of opportunities in contracting power purchase agreements?
To fully understand the risks and chances of those bilateral agreements, you require fundamental know-how on the functioning of electricity markets.
This is mainly driven by the fact that PPAs directly or indirectly require the physical transmission of electricity across different PPA types.
First, you will get an extensive overview of the role of relevant stakeholders and their specific tasks.
In a second step, you will learn the different price mechanisms of electricity markets like the balancing market or Day Ahead Markets.
Last but not least, you will get familiar with all aspects of balancing management and different regulatory systems like Central Dispatch and Decentral Dispatch.
The German electricity market serves as a consecutive example since it is one of the most developed markets.
However, if you prefer another country, please get in touch with us. We are glad to support you in implementing new and extending existing knowledge in your organization.